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(c) 2017 made by invisible friend

What is a Plink?

Plink is a Personalized Link Preview Generator (Patent Pending), that gives people control over the visual presentation and delivery of URLs.

How do I make one?

Just paste a link in the link preview generator engine on plink.love and viola! You can also personalize your plink by selecting different colors, images, and changing the text of titles with custom messages.

Where can I share Plinks?

Plink is currently in alpha. Plinks are shareable over email as well as HTML snippets. We are working on rolling out integration for new platforms. If you have a platform you want Plinks on, drop us a line at sup@plink.love.

Why doesn‘t my Plink work?

Our goal is to make every link plinkable! At this alpha stage we‘re still working out a few kinks, if for some reason your link doesn‘t plink please shoot us the url at sup@plink.love so we can investigate.

Why does my Plink look weird?

Nobodys perfect and neither is our plink generator engine...yet ;) We automatically search the page for what we think are the "best images" for you; but sometimes our engine gets confused by ads and the way sites may be coded. If your plink doesn‘t look like it should, please shoot us a screenshot at sup@plink.love. Everyday we learn more about our engine and how to make it better.

Thoughts? Questions?

We love to hear from our alpha users! If you have any thoughts or questions drop us a line at sup@plink.love.